EtherWAN Academy is a free online training resource provided by EtherWAN Systems, Inc.  Our goal is to offer a wide range of courses geared toward a wide audience- from traffic engineers to security engineers to City executives.  This free service, available on desktop and mobile, offers engaging presentations, instructional videos and quizzes to help you retain and apply course material.

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    Implementing VLANs / Inter-VLAN Routing Course!

    by Gregory Eckert -

    The long awaited and much anticipated course, Implementing VLANs / Inter-VLAN Routing, is now live in the advanced section!  This course, which is a follow on to Intro to VLANs, walks though setting up the VLANs, Gateways, and how to get Inter-VLAN Routing working correctly.

    Implementing RSTP course now live!

    by Gregory Eckert -

    Our newest course, Implementing RSTP, is now live in the Intermediate course section!

    Managed Switch Basics Course Live & BICSI recognized!

    by Gregory Eckert -

    Our newest course, Managed Switch Basics, is now available in the User Courses section and has been approved for 2 BICSI CECs!

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