EtherWAN Academy is a free online training resource provided by EtherWAN Systems, Inc.  Our goal is to offer a wide range of courses geared toward a wide audience- from traffic engineers to security engineers to City executives.  This free service, available on desktop and mobile, offers engaging presentations, instructional videos and quizzes to help you retain and apply course material.

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    The OSI and TCP/IP Model Course now live!

    by Gregory Eckert -

    Our new beginner-level course, The OSI and TCP/IP Model, is now live!  This course takes the complicated topic of understanding how network communications actually work, and makes it simple to understand.  Enjoy!

    eWAV Wireless Intro and Implementation course live!

    by Gregory Eckert -

    Have you been interested in setting up a long distance wireless network?  Been stopped because it is complicated to set up or you didn't know which devices you need or how to deploy the Wireless Access points? Well, our new course, eWAV Wireless Intro & Implementation is now live!  Learn each of the products in the eWAV family, and how they are used! Learn the steps to successfully deploy a wireless solution!  With a complete walk-through of configuration how to test performance, setting up a wireless solution for you network is now as easy as 1-2-3!

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