EtherWAN Academy is a free online training resource provided by EtherWAN Systems, Inc.  Our goal is to offer a wide range of courses geared toward a wide audience- from traffic engineers to security engineers to City executives.  This free service, available on desktop and mobile, offers engaging presentations, instructional videos and quizzes to help you retain and apply course material.

At EtherWAN, we believe in zero distance between us and our customers

    Site announcements

    Certification Badges Now Available!

    by Gregory Eckert -
    Earn your EtherWAN Academy Certification Badge today!  Badges are now available for completing sets of courses.  For more details, visit the BADGES link in the top menu.

    EtherWAN Badges

    Announcing... EtherWAN Academy v2!!

    by Gregory Eckert -

      I am very pleased to announce the launch of EtherWAN Academy v2.  With this launch:

    • 41 Courses, consisting of:
      • 8 Introductory courses
      • 11 Product Courses
      • 5 Webinar Courses
      • 5 How-To Courses
      • 2 Troubleshooting Courses
      • 10 Five-Minute Micro Training Courses (NEW):
        • 5 slide situation and application of a particular product
        • PDF Hand Out with all pertinent information to apply the application
        • Links to:
          • Relevant Product Page
          • Product course (if available)
          • Technologies used Product Category Pages
          • Academy courses to supplement this application
    • All-new look and feel with an improved interface and theme:
      • Navigation Bar on Top
      • Easier Login and registration
      • 3-column dashboard with navigation menu integrated
      • Simple course lookup on the top menu
    • Gamification – Users can earn points and badges (rewards) for completing courses and activities
    New Academy Home Page
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