Introduce technologies and concepts, such as Intro to ITS, Redundancy, VLANs, etc

This course will teach you about fiber optics, including the physical characteristics, Single-Vs. Multi-Mode, attenuation, and link budget.  It also explains tools used to troubleshoot fiber optic cabling.

This course will teach you Wi-Fi and Cellular Standards, antenna terminology, and how to identify various types of antenna and what they are used for.

This course will teach you how to protect your Intelligent Transportation Network (ITS) both physically and digitally.  Concepts include understanding key security terms and technologies to protect the network.

This course will teach concepts of redundancy, including how broadcast storms occur.  How RSTP, VRRP, and LaCP protocols work will be covered as well.

This course will teach Security Risk Management, including concepts such as encryption, SSH and HTTPS, Firewalls, and Physical Security.

This course will teach what a VLAN is and why they are important to improve the performance of your network as it grows.

This course will teach you the difference between IP and Analog video and help you choose the right solution for your installation.

This course will teach about Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM).  Concepts include basic types of WDM (B, C, and D), as well as why you need special SFP modules.

This course will teach the difference between commercial and hardened grade products, including why hardened grade provides a lower TCO, improved reliability, and greater customer satisfaction.