These are very brief presentations of EtherWAN devices applied to specific applications to demonstrate which products and technologies can be helpful.  

There are three sections to each course:

    • 5 slide situation and application of a particular product
    • PDF Hand Out with all pertinent information to apply the application
    • Links to:
      • Relevant Product Page
      • Product course (if available)
      • Technologies used Product Category Pages
      • Academy courses to supplement this application

See how Easy Restore saves time and money!

Make use of the EX26262F v2, with its 24 PoE ports to run your entire building's surveillance network!

Need connectivity, but don't have fiber or line-of-sight?  This micro course solves the problem!

No-Hassle wireless!  It's true!  Connect cameras to your network without the pain of configuring Wi-Fi!

This micro-training course shows how EASY it can be to set up a multi-camera solution with the EasyPoE Box and EasyLink MP.

Make use of twisted pair to provide data AND power to your call box!

Added a nearby remote office or warehouse?  EasyLink has you covered!  EasyLink PRO at 866Mbps now available too!

Connect two locations with existing twisted pair cabling!  No configuration needed!

10Gb and massive 90w PoE power (up to 360w total) at EVERY intersection!

FULL layer 3 Core switch with 10Gb!  EG97244 has four 10Gb and the ALL NEW EG97023 has TWELVE!!

Connectivity for your crossings, regardless of location!  The C4G makes schools safer!

Don't have the budget for Fiber?  Why not wireless!  866Mbps long range Wi-Fi is here!

Why use injectors when the EX78900E provides the power and control!

Run an entire store off one switch!  With a 720w power budget and 24 PoE ports, the EX75900 can go anywhere!

The C4G lets you pop-up a store anywhere and have connectivity for Point-of-Sales!

Got a legacy camera that doesn't support PoE, but still want to use it?  Want PoE-level control of non-PoE devices?  The SPL90BT can do it by splitting off the PoE power for device use!

No fiber budget?  Still have copper in the ground?  How about a whopping 100Mb over those copper lines!  This is what the ED3575 provides!

Need a tiny PoE switch?  The EX41922-T is tiny and powerful!